I build products that impact people's lives. I enjoy designing, developing, and leading teams to build great apps.



Feelly is your best friend to capture and track your feelings. You can get the BIG picture that helps you be aware of your own feelings which improves your mental health.

1 Toss

1 Toss is an Apple Watch app that lets you toss a coin and make good decisions, Good Luck!


Finish is a simple To-Do app that makes you focus on today's tasks.Clarity comes with Simplicity!
It has minimal features and a beautiful Interijface which makes it stand out from other complex to-do apps.


Balamuthu Lakshmanasamy

I'm a tech and product enthusiast who loves to build apps for 📱mobile and ⌚️apple watch. I'm currently a product manager aspiring to become a founder and build products that enhance people's life.