Design – 1 Toss

1 Toss is a simple tap to Toss app for iPhone and Apple Watch. It offers coins from different countries. This app comes as handy when you need to toss and make tough decisions. ;)It currently has 1 Rupee coin of India, 1 Dollar of United States and 1 Pound of United Kingdom coins to [...]

Design – Finish App

Design process involves a lot of creative and critical thinking ;). I have no degree or an expert in Graphic design. However, with the observations and references to many user interfaces, I have developed a sense of design myself.My first iOS app - Finish required me to create so many drafts.Be it right or wrong, [...]

About Codersb

What is CoderSB:CoderSB is a team of two developers - Subbu and Bala. We are coders aiming to create something we like. We have expertise in design, code and architecting applications for devices.We have a true passion in creationAbout Codersb blog:This blog shares knowledge on programming, software architecture and various technology topics. 

Finish App

From Year 2015:  We have finally completed the reminder app. It is called Finish. We published it for free. It neither has ads nor In-App purchases.It is now available on iOS App Store.About the app:Finish is a simple reminder app which has very minimal but required features. There are tons of To-do and reminder apps in [...]