Design – 1 Toss

1 Toss is a simple tap to Toss app for iPhone and Apple Watch. It offers coins from different countries. This app comes as handy when you need to toss and make tough decisions. 😉

It currently has 1 Rupee coin of India, 1 Dollar of United States and 1 Pound of United Kingdom coins to flip. More from different countries will be added in future.

I thought it would be good to share my design drafts of this app. Before we see the designs, take a look at the app from App Store and download it on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

 Available for Apple Watch. 
Available for Apple Watch. 

Designing icons for this app was fun. I came up with different ideas that resembles a coin with heads and tails. Here’s all the draft designs that I created for this app. 

 Tried to draft a coin that resemble a currency with heads and tails.
Tried to draft a coin that resemble a currency with heads and tails.

I hope you all like the final design on the bottom right. Did the icon communicate the purpose of the app ? let me know in comments.

Design – Finish App

Design process involves a lot of creative and critical thinking ;). I have no degree or an expert in Graphic design. However, with the observations and references to many user interfaces, I have developed a sense of design myself.

My first iOS app – Finish required me to create so many drafts.

Be it right or wrong, good or bad, I thought it would be interesting to share those. 

With that above scenario as a problem statement, I decided to create an interface that takes only a few taps to choose a date, month and an year (and to make the world a better place 😉 ).

Here are a few of my works that I drafted for the app.

Time Dial – Draft to Design.

Home screen – Draft to Design

Month view – Draft to Design 

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Finish App

From Year 2015: 

We have finally completed the reminder app. It is called Finish. We published it for free. It neither has ads nor In-App purchases.

It is now available on iOS App Store.

About the app:

Finish is a simple reminder app which has very minimal but required features. There are tons of To-do and reminder apps in the market, but this one focuses on a simple todo list with lovely interface. We wanted it to be easy to set a reminder date and time. Other apps would take multiple scrolls and swipes to choose a future month and year. This one requires only a few taps to choose any month of any year.

We have referred many user interfaces and worked on several designs to reach this point. Here’s a screenshot of app.


I hope someone from one corner of the world will like this app.

It feels good to finish something.


Finish is a simple To-do and reminder app. It has intuitive user interface and makes it easy to focus on Today’s tasks.

• Highlights Today’s task.
• Easy to add task with simple tap gestures.
• It has unique time dial that makes it easier and faster to set time.
• Easy to schedule dates which eliminates multiple swipes and taps.
• Provides multiple color schemes, so you can choose your own style.

Finish is a homemade app, which is created by me and my wife. There is more to come in future.